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Sample solutions design for our customers

We create value-added e-business solutions using advance Internet technology. Internet portal that consolidate existing software solutions in Company allows you to follow most important data and manage Company using Internet browser from any place in the world.

Statistics on e-mail. Our inventive system will let you know by email about most important facts and figures of your Company. It could be the number or the total of invoices as well as your ranking in Google for specified keywords.

We create expert systems that can automatically select best product for your customers according to his needs, give advice, diagnose damage or prepare calculation or valuation without human intervention.

Using statistic and heuristics approach we create advance systems, that support planning, managing and forecasting production, ensure quality and control all production processes.

Integration of current software solution, to be able to make use of available data without high expenses for software modernization. We customize existing systems to meet the needs of recent technology, norms and new requirements.

We create statistics and visualizations of processes in your Company. Our custom designed tools help you in managing information, supervise production, sales and service.

We design "application engines", that is algorithms and logic that works inside software. On the top of "intelligent" application engine it's possible to create website interface for end users

Database design for individual needs. Depending on requirements and data size we use both simple database engines like MSDE, MySQL and professional Microsoft databases with OLAP services.

Integration of data base systems, exchanging information, data synchronization services. Automatic data import and export can safe a lot of manual work and prevent typos.

Data processing and data analyze. We use traditional SQL language as well as OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) with include relational reporting and data mining.

Dedicated reporting services, statistics, chart based on your databases. Our reports will help you make a use of data you already have. Microsoft Reporting Services Technology allows you to follow up current and historic reports.

Modernization and optimization of existing databases. Efficeincy of databaases can be very often improved by proper configuration, tuning and useless data archiving.

Our advance information searching systems can help you find information or product you are looking for. We design and implement search engines based on SQL language and heuristic approaches.